Our Mountain

I struggle with prayer. I’ve said this before. I talk to God all day. I ask Him for everything I need. I praise Him, and believe Him, and I trust Him implicitly. (Thank you Jesus)

The prayer I want, and do not have, is the prayer Jesus demonstrates and teaches me about. I’m talkin the secluded, isolated, no distractions time with God. Intimacy.

David helped me understand, that in reading His word…you have a physical tool. You begin and pursue chapter after chapter. Ya pick it up, and you apply. And the numbers take you further. The Sunday service has a physical time, place, and faces. You show up…and are taught and motivated. You make relationships and pursue them.

Prayer has no physical entity. There’s no goal. No finish-line. What’s the pace…the pay-off? I feel that I would accomplish more by following that which is distracting me.

You see my problem.

In the OT I see how often alters were built. The place where you worshipped and offered up to God. In the NT we see Jesus going off alone to an isolated spot, often a mountain, to pray. In a sense…worshipping…offering Himself up to God. So I’m thinking…I need an alter…a mountain. A physical place to meet alone with God. I can establish a place of memory…a spot where He can meet with me, and I with Him and we can call it ours. If I build memories there with Him…I will long to return there often for more.

I picked our mountain. But I’m not telling you. It’s private.


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