Born Again

Amanda brought Fred to my bed in the early glow. As I lay there considering his form…the Holy Spirit showed me mine.

So small and helpless. Precious in His eyes. Pure. No past.

Loved inexpressibly.

Enveloped in the strength of Someone infinitely more powerful and all-knowing.

In my newness, I have but one language. My cries are heard and responded too with all understanding and wisdom. Though I am not instantly soothed…I am held.

My Father desires my attention. Works for my eyes to meet His…that I might watch His mouth and learn His words. That His voice become recognizable, familiar…the One I turn toward.

I will slowly be made to stand and walk. Not newly born of blood, but of God. So, I will not grow to leave home…but cling to one. 

Because I was born in sin, I can not understand my new spirit-way. He will humble me from a great carnal height, for that is of a material kind…passing away. 

My new elevation is spiritual and therefore permanent.

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