How We Roll

We have 15 pine trees on our lot that are beginning to die. They are dying from the bottom up. 
     We decided to only trim away the dead branches and attempt to keep their beautiful tops. It worked. They look completely different. They look alive. Like a forest of trees you can now admire, mow, stroll, and pick pine cones under. We’re so glad we decided not to cut them at the root ~ clear them all away and start from scratch.  
     That’s how we normally roll. My husband and I know we tend to rush into things. We are not time wasters, future thinkers, problem preventers. We leap, run, slide on our faces. It’s been 36 years of dressing each others wounds. Thankfully we’ve never run out of bandages. 
     Now in our 50’s we are trying to stop that. We’re getting old and it’s becoming harder to get these aging bodies back up. When a new decision pops up, we slow down. Wait. It’s wonderful. Who knew you could sit back and take your time? Who knew there’s no need to hand out decisions like cards at the blackjack table? No one is gonna lose the farm if we take a day or two to decide. 
     I guess when we were young and busy, we assumed our guts knew what they were doing. And decisions were flying at us like…flies. You had to swat and get ready for the next one or risk being overcome by irritants. 
     Truth is, we had more time than we thought. We needed more thought about our time. 
     It’s OK to take a moment, a day, or two, no matter what our age or circumstance. (Unless of course we’re talking about a broken arm or a woman in labor). Patience is a great gift. We’re asking for it more and more. We’re skinning our noses less and less. And we’re healing up.
     Pruning dead branches off 20 year old pines is hard work. The labor was expensive, but it was worth it. The corner of our landscape has slowly opened up, creating a fresh new view. Who knew old pines had so much potential? 

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