A Right Christmas

Infant in a manger? More precisely…Savior from sin.

Who wants to open a sack of sin at Christmas? Look, I like jingle belling as much as anybody, but Christmas is not all Nat King Cole and slippers under the tree. We pine for love, joy and peace, not to mention kindness and gentleness, but when was the last time we wished (prayed) for self-control, faithfulness, and long-suffering? Christmas is about the sin God came to slay. I’m not talking about beating ourselves up, (which, by the way, is a most deceptive sin) but rather…letting sin go. 

You think I’m trying to crush your chestnuts? I’m inviting you to receive a gift. The Gifter~takes away the sin of the world. One who came as a crying baby, is the answer to all our cries.

We don’t want God telling us what to do, until darkness falls so heavy we don’t know what to do. No one wants to spend their Christmas on the realities of sin, but dark is real as light. I’m writing about receiving a Light so bright darkness loses its power over you.

Is it any wonder God used a star to point out the light of the world?

The Prince of Peace got up in the grill of the prince of the air, and He’s killin it, for you. This is why we fall on our knees, praise His holy name~why all is calm, how all gets bright. The innocent comes to take on the guilt, so the guilty stands innocent. He comes to make His home in us~His home ours. Let’s fa la la la la longer than 31 days. Let’s admit our grinchyness, so He can illuminate our hearts. Believe in the Deliverer from all our burdens, so the devil, who hovers in darkness, will daily flee out of sight. Let’s tear up our lists and lay our weary world down.

Christmas was born 1,000 years after Mary birthed salvation on the earth. God has seen all the naughty~it’s why He gave the Christ.

I’m dreaming of a right Christmas,

with every God-given word I write.

May your ways be innocent and wise,

and may all your Christmas’s be life. 


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