Suffering with social anxiety makes the heart wilt and the brain blank. It’s been busy. And impossible to write these past few days, but feeling lighter today.

So grateful for breeze blowing through bedroom windows. A tall, leafy red oak bouncing off the wind. Welcoming moss roses to our front door. Ham sandwiches and watermelon on the patio. Bandaids for small scapes. The sound of Grandpa calling football plays in the pool. The buttery flavor of ripened bananas. Sharpened pencils. Invitations too rare occasions. Going from strangers to inseparable in 37 years.

Praising: When I lie down my sleep is sweet.


6 thoughts on “Grateful

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  1. Your Sweet Blogs, my new place to end my day!
    Qhen you post, Ill read and when you need rest from writing, Ill xatch you later!
    My Aunt writes poetry with similar thoughts.
    I find yours heartwarming.
    Thank You for sharing


  2. Strangers to inseparable……I pray God does that to my husband and I when he retires. Your Raw honesty strikes a chord in my soul and I thank you ☺️ ❤️


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