Epidemic Harmony

Call me crazy, but this deep-dyed introvert loves social media.

Cutting ties with electric keys on humming machines, carbon paper, and white-out, I was smitten with auto correct, copy & paste, edit, and delete. Clicking till the cows came home, I stopped dreading the long, hard road of starting all over again. But I’m learning advancement can only mean advantage when covered with compassion.

When Jesus saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion.

I know…there’s conflicting opinions. “It’s a curse.” “It’s a blessing.” I’ve actually said both. But as I’m sitting here reading a comment from a beloved reader, I’m so sincerely inspired by her kindness — I wanna cry.

Reading and writing is a privilege — something never sinking in until a crowd of sponsored kids thanked me for their education. Social media has brought me pen-pals next door, around the country—even the globe. A way to connect with people of all colors and cultures in a way I never could have without it. And every single time I write you and you read me, or I read you and our “hearts” stamp together, I am grateful and giddy over the possibilities.

I live far from anything. The last visitor who came (a nine-year-old boy) asked if we had grocery stores. Country living is for me — but isolation is not, and epidemic harmony is why the word of God was written for us.

Those wiser than I are teaching me something fundamental since uploading my face on Facebook: social media can be accursed when used to tear down — but it has every potential to bless when adamantly applied to build up.

Individuals and organizations are posting life-imparting scriptures, grace-giving revelations, hope-filled stories — even in the midst of unthinkable sorrows — spreading harmony and this rural girl wants in.

“Follow Me.” Matthew 4:19

How ’bout you? I’d love to hear how you’re spreading harmony!

8 thoughts on “Epidemic Harmony

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  1. I love what you share.

    I tend to hide behind the screen and interact more so on social media. I like the opportunity to ponder what I type before sharing it with others to make sure it is uplifting and in align with His Word.

    I look forward to reading more from you.


    1. Yes! His word! There are no better ones to hear. Grateful you stopped to share, Joy. (Love your name.)😊


  2. I tend to have a hate/hate/sometimes like relationship with social media. Thank you for the prospective. It is one I need to chew on..


    1. I get it. There is a whole bunch out there to oppose. Hoping we can balance the scales.
      Thanks for your thoughts, Ann. 🌺


  3. Well- said – from an extrovert who parties on the porch, currently! God uses it all, that’s for sure – mostly to remind me how much I need Him and how much He loves me.


  4. Yes, Sue! I married me an extrovert and he is the “party” of my heart.
    Can’t be told enough how much the Lord loves us! Thank you for stopping! Love hearing from you.🙋🏼‍♀️


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