The Ark of All Living Things

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing.” Romans 15:13

Are you believing in the One true God and His Son Jesus Christ — forfeit for your faults? If so, hope is an anchor for your soul. Once tossed, staggering on the waves of sins’ seductive pull, now held fast by the mighty power of the Holy Spirit.

For whatever storm be striking this day, or brewing over a horizon yet seen — let go, rescued one — death has lost its sting.

Those who have fled the thorns and thistles of a bitter end, enter the inner sanctuary of God’s promise.

In the stern with Jesus our spirit stills in the secure and steadfast calm of His voice that even the wind and sea obey. Here we cheer in tempest and flood knowing perseverance and character keep rising up.

Loading us with daily benefits, the Father pours full hope from His own private well of mercy and love.

“There is no peace,” says the Lord, “for the wicked.” But there be tumultuous joy in the host of heaven over one single sinner coming clean.

If joy be merely a visitor on friendly days, we’ve no believing roots to keep from falling away. When peace comes, not from the kingdom of God, the time and effort will grind us to powder.

Why would we hope in what can only be seen — when Jesus is all we need?

We’re given shameless position before the throne of grace. All lethal cargo carried away. Our faith fastening, not to perfect health or heaping wealth — but to the One who knows our pain — having been punctured in all the same ways.

Consider the unswerving joy set before Jesus while nails hung his weight to the beam. Ponder the prayer supplicating from parched lips, Forgive.”

The Son of God reckons the agony of this rotting world incomparable to the God giving glory we have yet to see. How then we, our conscience now wiped bright by His spotless blood, not all the more sing at the top of our lungs? Readily waiting, not for a hope we can hold, but hope that cries life into the lungs of our soul.

God willed to make known the hope of His glory. Christ in us — the Ark of every living thing — the greatest earth-shattering mystery in history.

Capsize in the ocean of sudden joy. Get lost in the current of abandoned peace. In the wake of awakening — there we will be — emptied and filled in sanctifying belief.

8 thoughts on “The Ark of All Living Things

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  1. This is my 4AM read.
    “Why would we hope in what can only be seen”?
    When Jesus is all we need.

    Thank you honey,
    Love you


    1. So glad I was here to meet you so early in the morning, Dad.

      Yes! Everything we see is “passing away”…but we have not been passed over. He came, He gave, He forgave, He remains — the One true God and Father.

      Thanks for stopping, Dad. Always good to know you’re here.

      Love you


  2. Praying God’s joy and peace, that is indescribable when truly experienced, flood the hearts of all for there is “tumultuous joy in the host of heaven over one single sinner coming clean.”

    Beautifully written.


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