There’s More To Us Than Our Worst Moments

“Movement is life.” He said it like it was gospel. I guess if you’re needing a chiropractor, it’s what you want to hear. Still, his comment hung hollow in the air. “Listen to your body. It tells you what it needs.” Those were the words that touched a nerve.

All day I’d been questioning what to write. Several subjects and hundreds of words deleted. Not because they weren’t interesting or unrelatable, but because thumbing through former sorrows, and worries about tomorrow make my body tense up and my mood drop down.

I can fall into the trap of believing: the biggest parts of me, are the wounds that hurt the most. But God says, There is more to you found in Me.

There’s much more to all of us than the worst moments that tie us up.

dsc_0025DSC_0037DSC_0038DSC_0030 2How this little country mouse lives big in the Spirit is the field where God has me working. And here is where I’m eager to be. Yielding the future to the One I trust, leaving the past behind in the dust.

The Holy Spirit is here to help, but a heart can’t heed tangled up somewhere else.

“When I pry my attention from past regrets and future fears, I am left with a present that is full to overflowing with the presence of Christ.” – Christie Purifoy


The chiropractor has me moving in ways my body is resisting. As fast as it’s aligned…it shifts right back. Protection mode, he calls it. Persistent, patient, painstaking movement will convince the body it’s safe to stay straight.

Realigning the direction of our mind seems a similar struggle.

Our will resists intimacy with the Spirit of truth. The bible says we once loved darkness because our deeds were evil. We hated light for its ability to expose the secretness of our sinfulness. And a mind focused on yesterday and tomorrow, never need bother with the straight and narrow. Protection mode, you might say. Even if we’re edgy or stressed, anxious or stiff, sick, or depressed the strength of our will feels safer like this. Though outside we appear all fine and dandy—the nerves are shot, our stomach in knots. Everything’s fine, we tell ourselves.

Lingering in the past, fretting the future, is voluntary solitary confinement. We may think we’re walking free and clear but that’s only because we feel normal here.

Come. Hear me, my dear sweet friend. Sit softly here and listen to this: The moment of truth—where the Holy Spirit meets you—frees you. What your will says hurts—Jesus will cure. 

The Cross redeems your past, holds your present, secures your future.

“One day we will be saved from sin’s presence; that will be heaven. And in the meantime, we’re being saved from sin’s power.” – Alistair Begg


Remember the woman caught in adultery? How her accusers used her? All they cared about was stopping Jesus at any cost. This is how demons work against us. Shaming our past, as if it has a say. Setting off false alarms, derailing our way. Enemies of the Holy Spirit have one intent: stealing God’s glory and stoning us to death.

I love the way Jesus handled Satan’s scheme: God stoops down and writes on the ground. Setting up ground rules for how to respond: as if we cannot hear a sound. Pressing Jesus to engage, He stands. The Son of God stood for her. (And He stands for you and me.) Sends liars packing and sits back down.

“Stand fast therefore in the liberty for which Christ has made us free.” (Gal 5:1)

I’ve often heard it prayed, Jesus, we ask You to meet us in this place. But God’s presence is never missing, only our attention to what He’s doing.

When insults barge in, and fears overwhelm, remember, believer, your freedom is won. Resist, walk away, wash your face, pray. We are forever in the presence of Jesus.

“Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” (Lk 12:32)

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  1. THIS.. “But God’s presence is never missing, only our attention to what He’s doing.” You explain things I feel but haven’t been able to figure out. Thank you, 💙.

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