Staying True to A Dishonest World

Walking into a retail store a young employee greets me, “Welcome! Can I help you find something?” I love her energy, her quick willingness to drop whatever she’s doing and lead me to what I’m here for.

“I need a toaster,” I tell her. Already sure of the size, color, and brand I want. Stepping into the correct section, “I’ll take this one.”

“Oh, that’s a great one,” she confirms with an overstated confidence. “My mom has this one and she loves it,” snatching it off the shelf without a second thought.

I bite my tongue. I want her to know, No matter what you’ve learned, you don’t have to lie to get ahead in this world. But how do you correct what you don’t know is a lie? So, I smile, and pull out my credit card.

Thinking back, I suppose I could have asked, “Does your mom really have this one? Because if she doesn’t, customers really only need one thing from you, the truth.”

“I’m sorry,” I want to say to her generation, “For locking up what I knew was true like poison that would hurt you. I hid the hard stuff thinking I had the power to make your life easier. When really, we’re all in need of a Savior and I’m not Him. And though truth can hurt like the dickens—it’s the one way to success.”

We’ve forgotten honesty is the only way any of us live truly free

What we’ve all misused and abused and can no longer afford to ignore is the honest, for goodness, truth. 

Aren’t we starving for a bite of it? Wouldn’t we all trade our toasters for one slice of truth? One brave tongue with the faith to say, “This won’t change your life, but it might help your health?” “This can’t make you happy, but it could boost your energy.” “I can’t fix this mess, but I can try with one step in a better direction.” Or how about this mind tingling honesty, “I failed, and I haven’t anyone to blame but myself. If you can find it in your heart to forgive, I’d be grateful for another chance.”

I’m not looking to find these pearls in the world—I am praying for the faith to live it myself.

We’re so accustomed to exaggerations and flagrant excuses we can mistakenly step into the abundant land of empty promises. In some sinister way we’ve come to except being taken advantage of and used it as an excuse to do the same. We’ve forgotten honesty is the only way any of us live truly free. 

we won’t find victory deflecting the cross on the opposing team

How has pretending we’re all fine, changing the ugly subject, ever really worked for us? I love to laugh as much as the next guy but holding down the truth for the illusion of getting ahead keeps dragging me back to the starting line.

Sliding into 60, I’m tired of hiding. Spent from faking and stealing just to tag another base. I want fight in my arms to get back on the board. I want to step on home plate—fall safe into the Arms waving me in.

Can ya tell we’ve been watching sports movies? The stories of Jackie Robinson and Bethany Hamilton have us swinging and swimming with vision. We can’t help but get caught up in what Jim McKay coined, “The thrill of victory”. From the first scene it’s obvious the main character was made for greatness. But obstacles are mounting, the goal looking impossible. Yet the heart of the star doesn’t give up—can’t quit, convinced they were made to win. Despite the bigotry, devastating injury, unseen victory is clear as day.

I just got hit by my own pitch—this is the victory Jesus gives! Not new arms or a just world—a healed spirit—pure as silver. His people persevering through trouble like a knife through butter. Because here’s the wave we have the privilege to take or the will to run from: none of us wins denying the agony of defeat and we don’t find victory deflecting the cross onto the opposing team.

Keep turning to the word of god and he’ll turn you toward victory

Once we were under the covers we remembered our lives of breaking and rebuilding rarely resolve in 90 minutes. No one shows up for make-up and costume design to face racism and the loss of a limb. The ReMaker sanctifies us one season at a time.

I’ve been picking up more books with titles pushing this idea of being “okay with me. But I’m quickly losing steam. Not because their title isn’t shouting to my core, it’s their chutzpah to go from bottom to top after a dozen or so pages, finding myself green with envy. Discovering their gifts, conquering their fears, I keep wondering when it’s going to be my turn.

And then I turn, turn once again to the word of God. “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” (John 14:27)

Keep turning to the word of God and He’ll turn you toward victory. 

You needn’t lie to get ahead in this dishonest world. Opportunity for greater faith waits at the door. God knows full well why you’re here, what you need, and it’s not on a shelf—but found at the foot of a cross—always and forever the peace of Himself. The Truth loves you—and He’s everything you’re here for.

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