“My whole heart.” Psalm 9:1

This is what the Lord Jesus Christ requires. The whole kit & caboodle. He’s an all or nothing Savior. And aren’t we grateful?

Coming because He desired that none should perish. Went to the cross so He could bear every sin. His beauty running through all creation—revealing Himself to each and every person. His love? Everlasting. His nature? Never changing.

He is God—and He deserves a whole heart.

I remember the first time I heard His voice. I was twenty-four. Oh, He’d been speaking to me long before, but evidently my heart was in love with the world. That’s how it goes ya know. It’s our own ears that refuse to hear. Our eyes blind to the wonder all around. Until the Spirit of truth breaks the stone of our heart, blood begins flowing, and we behold God.

What is your heart pining for this morning? Is it just more fleeting stuff? A different house, Spring weather, the next get-together? Is Jesus just another healthy practice? Do you swallow a few of His sayings like TUMS after a greasy meal? Or is your heart living, thriving, overcoming by every helping that proceeds from His mouth?

My book is scheduled to go out next week. DIVINE SURPRISE: The Story of Fear, Failure, and Trusting Love for the First Time. It’s exciting, even thrilling. I am choked-up grateful to the LORD for all the work He has done. But when all is said and done—my name printed on the cover of a book is nothing compared to my name (your name?) written in heaven. 

“The Lord is my strength and shield; my heart trusted Him, and I am helped; therefore my heart greatly rejoices, and with song I will praise Him.” (Psalm 28:7)

2 thoughts on ““My whole heart.” Psalm 9:1

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    1. Oh Kathy, I know that need to feel. The one our wounded chin lifts up against–afraid of more disappointment. His love is safe to let in. (Overjoyed, my friend)


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