Divine Surprise: Now Available!

Is it shock? That numb feeling that comes over you when something you dreamed for years suddenly becomes real. Yeah, feelin’ it today. DIVINE SURPRISE is now a divine reality. (Oh, did I just title Part 2?)

Under that tingling feeling is hard hitting gratitude. My husband, my guardian of great storytelling and writing coach extraordinaire: Margot Starbuck, and my beautiful book designer, Cindy Kiple

There are oodles of faces from the past six years that made this project possible. And you, my readers—thank you—for doing what friends do best: steadfast encouragement!

I know, I should have a picture of me smiling gleefully, my hair spiralling perfectly, my teeth brushed, holding my book to my chest…but as you can see (or cannot see) I’m still in bed. Under the covers of joy and thankfulness, relief, and all surpassing surprise & wonder of what God can do with the mess of us.

Love didn’t work the way I thought it should; neat as a pin, avoiding pain, happily ever after all in one day. Nor does Love push or shove, doesn’t shout demands at us. Like turning bitter winter into warm pink spring—thunder rolls, rain falls while each fragile root learns to hold fast. The Light of the World opens us one tightly strung bud at a time—because the Son always comes

Before you order, friend…I have a favor to ask. After you’ve read, will you leave your thoughts (review) on Amazon? The more reviews the better the odds love lands in more hands. I so appreciate this—you.


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