“Keep me.” Psalm 17:8

The Psalmist knows his enemy—and that’s half our battle you guys. 

You’ve got stuff. A heart that needs healing, a mind that needs truth, purposes from God that need direction and protection. Notice with me King David’s situation. It’s critical. He’s surrounded by hostiles. There’s a bounty on his soul, and every hungry lion waits in ambush for a piece of him. Under tremendous trial he doesn’t go looking for a new hobby, a preoccupation, a new relationship. King David isn’t looking to distract himself from the truth of his situation, the gravity of his reality. The man who has every resource at his fingertips—keeps moving in the direction of his Savior. Keeps praying, singing, crying, seeking the One and only refuge of his lonely soul. And what was the result of David’s running for the LORD? 

“The earth reeled and rocked; the foundations of the mountains trembled and quaked, because He (the LORD) was angry.” (Psalm 18:7

The voices—bullies that lurk in the corners of our mind—tell us, You are all you have. Buckle up. Cuz survival is on you. God has forgotten us. 

It’s why “leaders” speak such lofty tunespromise reform, claim successwhile everything remains a bloody mess. It’s what they have to say to sleep at night. 

But Jesus promises what only He has done—resurrection. Why would we turn to man, our own perpetual failing plans, when the Most High is one humble cry away?

“He sent from on high, He took me; He drew me out of many waters.” (Psalm 18:16)

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