“Access by faith into His grace.” Romans 5:2

Ever try to win God’s love? Exhausting isn’t it? I mean, how do we think we’re ever gonna reach that goal? And even if it were possible; what would be our litmus test? Would all our pain and suffering stop? Would our conscience never bother us? Would the complaining in our head shut up?

Is human faith even strong enough? It feels like my faith is shaky at times—I question God. It would seem: If I just visit that grieving friend, make a point to be polite, show up for church on a regular basis, put a few dollars in the basket more often—I would feel more confident. I could be sure God has reason to love me.

Sounds ridiculous right? But these are real things we think about. 

Let’s dig deeper into faith and grace. What do they even mean in scripture? Words like these get used every day in ways that don’t pertain to God at all. Faith can be simply wishful thinking: “I have faith you’ll recover.” “I have faith in my country.” We’ve had a million objects of faith that didn’t pan out. So, when we hear it being spoken, or read it in scripture—it barely holds water.

Truth is, biblical faith, points to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The kindness of God is revealed to spiritually blind eyes—and hope sees for the very first time. Like new life coming through the birth canal, there’s no turning back. Oh, we’ll cry and crawl, make mistakes and fall. A few of us will even deny we saw at all, but underneath that ugly lie a spirit survives.

And what of  grace? In scripture grace has zero to do with poise and elegance. It’s not a name we give to a son or daughter. Grace isn’t something we offer up to God; our attention, our petitions, our reverence. Grace rains down from heaven. Grace is the gift of Jesus to every broken and contrite heart who believes they can’t live without Him. 

A poor mouth opened in faith—grace will surely save.

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