“Draw near to listen.” Ecclesiastes 5:1

Do not imagine God has nothing to say. We have 66 books, some 1,550 pages, roughly 785,000 words to the contrary. God has wisdom to spare. There be no shortage of knowledge and insight, no question about it—understanding abounding. Surely reading what God has breathed through the lifeless pen of sinful men be as coming to His feet, our hearts reaching for a comfort we can’t even explain, and He instantly lifts us high above our troubles below…and all is well with our soul.

Like kids we run to God with our side of the story. We’ve got reasons, excuses, suggestions unending. And the Father waits. Tenderly, patiently He offers us space to settle down. But until we have the courage to still and listen, the merry-go-round of our circumstance just keeps spinning.

Let’s imagine the ways God tempered Himself before exiting heaven: The Alpha & Omega squeezed into His most breakable creation. The fiercest fire cried like an infant. The wrath of God broke bread with wanton criminals and arrogant intellects. The Sword of the Spirit was crucified in weakness. The Voice of thunder became the faintest whisper. And who did The Great I Am do all this for? A bunch of orphans, who don’t know the first thing about love. Runaways, who hate being told right from wrong.

Misfits like me and you are adopted by God through a fee named Jesus. Every necessary cost, legal expense was paid in full making us eligible children for The Father who wants us in our filthy condition. While we despised the good Jesus had for us—God was preparing a room for us. Wording how He would carry our burdens, wash our wounds, wipe our tears, calm our fears. Knowing everything we would ever ask—the Holy Spirits’ equipping is here for us. 

Opening scripture is holy communion. The Bread of Life feeding His children. No one goes hungry who feeds on God’s faithfulness. 

“When we believe that God hears us, it is but natural that we should be eager to hear Him. Only from Him can come the word which can speak peace to troubled spirits; the voices of men are feeble in such a case, a plaster far too narrow for the sore; but God’s voice is power, He speaks and it is done, and hence when we hear Him our distress is ended.” –Charles Spurgeon

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