“You are beautiful!” Song of Solomon 4:1

The magnolia is blooming. When it buds I scramble outside to photograph its beauty. Taking fragile stems in hand, I kiss tips of white to my nose. Twenty-four hours later, petals unfold like soft silk fingers, cupping pink fruit like precious jewels.

It’s easy to see God’s glory in nature—it’s strenuous to find beauty in ourselves. In the rush we’ve missed our own magnificence.


I remember a Bible teacher, when I was just a young wife, suggesting the reading of Song of Solomon as a way to encourage a vibrant sex life. I kid you not, I thought I’d never open it again. Saw that book like a dirty magazine. Much has changed since then (thank you, Jesus.) And meditating in this living truth these many years later, I continue to see its spiritual connection more brilliantly.

We humans are famous for one thing; devouring the glory of God. For this reason, Jesus, to save us from destroying ourselves. The God who formed us knows our nobility, sees behind our veil of insecurity, cares to take us, make us His very own—show us just how wholly beautiful we are.

Last evening we sat with Bible Study friends in the backyard breeze of birds chirping. Flopped ourselves over cushy furniture as the sun started setting. In the dimness of our living room, one in the corner couldn’t stop her burning tears of self-loathing. And we all need to keep pausing. Keep taking every lie hostage. Run don’t walk to the One and only able to throw down those arguments, pull down every stronghold. Bring every thought captive, cuz our weapons aren’t carnal. We are mighty in God—who is Spirit.

Christ brings us to the banqueting table and His banner over us is love.

Turning each page of scripture keeps turning our ears to God who sees our true potential. God, who only views us in the light of His beautiful cross, sees everything from palm trees bearing fruit to warriors overcoming enemies. God sees us without blemish, spot, or stain. The stripes of our sins are healed, washed away. Our spirit lives with the Holy Spirit—under His wing, so to speak.

We waste our lives, you guys, swinging like a door back and forth, never knowing whether we’re coming or going. We were created to stand like a wall writes Solomon; mature, steadfast, not bending with every wind of doctrine. We live and move and have our being in the Spirit of our glorious Ruler and King. These are not empty promises to boost your confidence, a shot in the arm of significance. The Song of Solomon—like every other thing God spoke into existence—is about experiencing His one beautiful, passionate sacrificeChrist in us.

Relationship is what God wants with us. Isn’t this why He calls Himself, Father, afterall?

The lily, the fragrance of cinnamon, the red pomegranate, flowing rivers, mountain peaks, the dove, gazelle, fawn, honeycomb, silver, gold mentioned in Song of Solomon are expressions of God’s unfailing love—His doting over us.

The Father sees nothing but beauty when He sees you and me, showering us every live long day with the scent, song, and sweetness of Himself. 

The Lord’s overwhelming desire hasn’t changed, it’s the same today as in His garden of abundant grace, My dove, my perfect one, is the only one…” 

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