Fear & How It’s Meant To Heal Not Hurt

What do you fear? Cancer, bankruptcy, public humiliation?

The true God who pulled us from the dirt of nothingness says, in Isaiah 10:24-25, “Be not afraid of the Assyrians when they strike with the rod and lift up their staff against you as the Egyptians did. For in a very little while my fury will come to an end, and my anger will be directed to their destruction.”

Here’s a little backdrop for us: The prophet Isaiah was sent by God to the remnant. I prefer to call them, the minority of Holy God Followers. The warning went like this, I am sending Assyria to strike you. The LORD was already callin it, “We’re goin to war kids, and I’m lettin’ your enemy win.” The God of Israel, in His righteous anger, was ready to put an end to His haters. The family was mostly troublemakers. He took these kids in as His own. Gave these hellions everything they could ever need or want—loved them like His firstborn. They had steak on the table, a three-bedroom out of the cold, missiles of defense, Nike on their chest. And yet… most of them couldn’t care less what God had to say. And God had had enough. So, to His loving, listening children, The LORD sent this warning: Hunker down, don’t be afraid, I know those who are mine.


We live in shaky days, you guys. As a whole, our world leaders are in the same pickle as rebellious Israel. They fear many enemies. We see the majority bowing to anything that could possibly preserve their land, their pride, their position, their skin… but jeer at the fear of The LORD.

Jeerers have no clue Who put power in their hands.

What is our own country’s motto? In God We Trust, right? Well, I have to ask—which one? Plutus, the god of money? Is it Baal, the god of sexual immorality? Is it Buddha, the deity of positive thinking? Molech, the god of child sacrifice? Allah, a god without justice—god minus Jesus? Is it Gaia, the mother of nature?

With gods like these to choose from—is it any wonder we’re riddled with anxiety and depression!

Here’s the good news: The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. We can take that to the bank of our everlivin’ spirit. The fear of the LORD deposits nothin but joy, peace, and freedom in the hearts of His legal children. Our inheritance rests in Jesus the Christ.


When trouble, loss, or worry bang on the front door of your life, you can call on the  Spirit of the LIVING God! There is but One God who gave his own life for His enemies. There’s only One God powerful enough to resurrect Himself from His own gravesite. Just One God took on demons, won, and lives forevermore to tell about it. Only Jesus invites, Come, rest, stop all your toiling. Just surrender. I do all the heavy lifting

The Wonderful Counselor whispers still, I am with you.  When we’re afraid our kids will never come home, when we want more than anything to take control, the Mighty God—who graciously draws all people to Himself—states, I will be your courage & strength. When we long like the dickens to silence the myriad of false promisers, the Prince of Peace proclaims, I will deliver you from every affliction.

We can run in fear with the world’s gods of greed, immorality, deceit, cruelty, and exhaustion. Or, we can surrender in the fear of the LORD’S love, compassion, goodness, and redemption.

“And his delight shall be in the fear of the Lord.” Isaiah 11:3

Let’s pray: Father, save us from the ignorance of self-confidence. Grant us an ever-increasing, life-giving fear of You. Give us fear that brings wisdom to our simple mind, knowledge to our poor spirit, understanding to our humble heart. You alone deserve our praise.


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  1. Cabin Granny says:

    Still learning to let Him “do all the heavy lifting.” Thank you for this good word this morning.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. JoAnn says:

      Gosh, you know it, Becky. I keep rocking the boat, and He keeps trying to help me sail. Glad you stopped by!💜


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