Taste & See What You’re Missing

My sweet, precious grandkids are at an age when familiarity is the only thing that tastes good. Anyone who has ever shared a meal with a three to five-year-old knows exactly what I’m talking about. An unknown texture, a funky color, an unusual scent is all it takes to push back out what barely touched the tongue. It can be as little as one bite before Jane changes her mind. If juice doesn’t come in a pink cup… is it even worth drinking? And no one is getting a snack without them seeing what they’re missing. Who remembers when eating was less about hunger and more of a competitive sport?


When we were kids, Mom would bring home Nestle Crunch Ice Cream Bars from the grocery store. It wasn’t often, but when that stuff showed up, we couldn’t eat it fast enough. Mini Snickers kept in the refrigerator butter compartment were quickly confiscated. Green beans and pearl sized peas, well, they went from hand to garbage can.

The Psalmist knew a thing or two about what constituted good food. He was king, so, the juiciest steak, the plumpest berries, the finest wine was on his table. Scarcity was not a problem for the king. Variety was at his fingertips. He knew well the difference between quality and a Big Mac. He knew what made him strong and what only weighed him down. So, when the king says, Taste and see that the Lord is good!” what’s his point?

Across cereal and milk, I decided to present Jane & Martins’ Mom and Dad with my question. “What do you think it means when God says, taste and see that the Lord is good?

“That’s a great question,” out of his chair and circling the kitchen, Amanda eating, her wheels spinning. I thought Bill was finished, but he returned a moment later with an answer more filling than breakfast, “To taste and see the Lord—is experiential.”

Once we experienced Jesus, we understood good and well how no other experience ever saved us. The Holy Spirit rescued us in ways we couldn’t imagine. The king who repeatedly went to battle against heavens’ enemies declared, “In God is my salvation and glory, the rock of my strength, and my refuge.”

But if we’re afraid to taste—how will we ever see?

Skin and bones are infinitely resistant to anything spiritually wholesome.


My Janie Jujube and Marvelous Martin are not ready to budge. Pulling back when all I want is to fill their hungry cry. I’ve felt that pain. I pouted plenty. Tossed away satisfaction for the sake of appearance. Filled myself with another helping of discontentment. I’ve swallowed enough pride for the three of us. But God always has more of Himself that we have never tasted. 

In every stage of life, we’re tempted to think we’ve tried it all. But when it comes to the riches of God—we haven’t tasted the half of it.  Why… His mercies are new every 24-hours! O the depth of God’s wisdom and knowledge, don’t even get me started! Unsearchable are God’s judgements—His ways keep blowing us over!

Let’s not fool ourselves. If we’re still breathing, God has something we don’t wanna miss.

Short supply is never a problem for the God who breathed everything into being. Creative ways to save are the LORD’S specialty. 

“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt. Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it.” (Psalm 81:10)

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