You are fearfully and wonderfully made! Me too. It's hard to believe, isn't it? That's how I ended up here kicking all my dirt around. Don't we all need safe space to sift, sort, and hear ourselves out?

So glad you're here! I'm Jo Ann Alo.

Living in the country all my life has blessed me with a love for the outdoors. Bullfrogs on the bank, buckeye butterflies, and honeybees. Sunflowers, spear thistle, and beavers slapping along the creek. Ducks on the pond and hawks overhead. Burr oaks and mulberry trees turning fingers red. Here has been the sunniest place for me to rest my head.

Married 37 years to my high school sweetheart. Three daughters bring us two Sons, three grandsons, one granddaughter, and dinners back at the table.

Planted between dusty roads and cornfields—I'm two mailboxes from where I grew up.

I was 24 before bending a knee to Jesus. The word of God shot into my veins. I was hooked. Tried quitting Him a few times till I couldn't get through a day without Him.

Opening our eyes and moving our heart—isn't this always where we start?

Studying scripture caused a sequoia of questions. I keep pulling verses apart to put God in order. Lo and behold...He's reshaping me. You'll see, I go down roads without knowing where they'll end, empty pockets of the past like it's worth the change, spill my beans like a scared schoolgirl before the unthinkable takes place between the pages of grace.

Make yourself at home. Enjoy the poetry. Comment on blog posts if ya like.

Did I mention I'm glad you're here? Good. Come on in.