Morning Manna

“He gave them over.” Romans 1:28

It's a stark line of scripture. It can seem cold and unfeeling, hasty, even unsympathetic. But no prophetic word is of any private interpretation. We can't be like those broadcasters who only quote what works to boost ratings and sell their own propaganda. If we want to understand scripture, we gotta see the whole picture.... Continue Reading →

“Keep me.” Psalm 17:8

The Psalmist knows his enemy—and that's half our battle you guys.  You've got stuff. A heart that needs healing, a mind that needs truth, purposes from God that need direction and protection. Notice with me King David's situation. It's critical. He's surrounded by hostiles. There's a bounty on his soul, and every hungry lion waits... Continue Reading →

Divine Surprise: Now Available!

Is it shock? That numb feeling that comes over you when something you dreamed for years suddenly becomes real. Yeah, feelin' it today. DIVINE SURPRISE is now a divine reality. (Oh, did I just title Part 2?) Under that tingling feeling is hard hitting gratitude. My husband, my guardian of great storytelling and writing coach extraordinaire: Margot Starbuck, and... Continue Reading →

“My whole heart.” Psalm 9:1

This is what the Lord Jesus Christ requires. The whole kit & caboodle. He's an all or nothing Savior. And aren't we grateful? Coming because He desired that none should perish. Went to the cross so He could bear every sin. His beauty running through all creation—revealing Himself to each and every person. His love?... Continue Reading →

“My soul, wait thou only upon God.” Psalm 62:5

I've been a people pleaser. A smile permanently painted on my face in every public situation for the pleasure of others—even when offended or treated cruelly. People pleasing didn't make me kind or self-sacrificial—it left me bitter, angry, even thought myself better than others. It wasn't humility—it was hypocrisy. What a time we face today.... Continue Reading →

The Story Behind Our Stories

I wanted to quit… writing, thinking, breathing. I was just minding my own business, following Jesus the best I knew how, working and creating the way I was designed. And pow! The sun went down. I never saw it setting. Walking through the forest of our past can be a scary place, at any age.... Continue Reading →

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