Morning Manna

Staying True to A Dishonest World

Walking into a retail store a young employee greets me, “Welcome! Can I help you find something?” I love her energy, her quick willingness to drop whatever she’s doing and lead me to what I’m here for. “I need a toaster,” I tell her. Already sure of the size, color, and brand I want. Stepping... Continue Reading →

Some Soul Care: Rest For An Anxious Mind

We all resist rest when our nerves get stretched. When our mental capacity has reached its limit. We’re bent over, almost breaking like a branch heavy with apples needing picking. Another hour, 2 more things, after this. Until our limbs quake with the weight of one more. Finished another draft of the memoir I’ve been... Continue Reading →

Struggling With Blame? Read This

We all know how it feels when others let us down. From disappointment to betrayal, we wonder if that wound will ever heal. No one can take from you what only God can give. Your worth, your value, your joy, your happiness, peace, potential, your talent, your skill, not even your name. We brought nothing... Continue Reading →

When Church Hurts

I once thought hiding wrong, was right. We heard it as kids, “Just walk away. It’s not worth it.” And frankly, most of the time, it’s not. Turn a cheek, forgive, overcome evil with good—and that's all true. But Jesus never said hiding wrong was right. He did say nothing is hidden that will not... Continue Reading →

Some Good News About Suffering

I couldn’t get how suffering was actually good for me. Of all the things I do in the name of strong and healthy, suffering never sounded vitally important. Take your vitamins, eat your vegetables, plenty of water, walk, rest, sunlight. But suffering? "Though He was a Son, yet He learned obedience by the things which He suffered." Hebrews 5:8 My... Continue Reading →

The Unfathomable Grace of God

We’ve been empty nesters for a while now. Sold our business last June. Sold hunting property right after Christmas. We thought to move. A new home, a fresh start. We’ve wanted to do something just the two of us. Together. He ran the company, he hunted the property. We were hungry to run and hunt... Continue Reading →

Flowers In The Desert

My kid called from the Mohave Desert. (And I’m not speaking metaphorically.) Tent up, flapping in the desert breeze. Backpack and bottles strewn about like her bedroom used to be. Her skin freckled & parched from trekking 130 miles in the heat. It’s her third leg hiking the 2,650-mile PCT. A photo chirped my phone... Continue Reading →

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