We're waiting to leave for the airport. Our flight was canceled because of the storm and I hoped the trip as well. No such luck. Bumped 8 hours and we're still leaving. I'm sitting on the couch waiting these last few minutes with toothbrush and tomorrows underwear wondering why leaving home always feels like a... Continue Reading →

How We Roll

We have 15 pine trees on our lot that are beginning to die. They are dying from the bottom up.       We decided to only trim away the dead branches and attempt to keep their beautiful tops. It worked. They look completely different. They look alive. Like a forest of trees you can now... Continue Reading →

A Cruel Joke

I entered the Autumn of life. Well, that is if I live to 80. If I'm gone by 60...it's Winter. If I exit tomorrow this is the last you'll hear from me. Either way leaves are resting in vibrant colors and letting go. It's been a year of heartbreak and triumphant love. Uncovering grievous secrets... Continue Reading →

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