How to Pray: An Age-Old Conundrum

Demons of depression chased me home. Hurrying, I pressed into the door. Before turning the handle, I rushed to Jesus, Whisper Your sweet everythings into my ears. The one way the raised in Christ endure in all this dust and ash is praying in spirit and truth. God knows I want to fight my own fights.... Continue Reading →


We're waiting to leave for the airport. Our flight was canceled because of the storm and I hoped the trip as well. No such luck. Bumped 8 hours and we're still leaving. I'm sitting on the couch waiting these last few minutes with toothbrush and tomorrows underwear wondering why leaving home always feels like a... Continue Reading →

Remember the Lord

We are tempted to lose faith. Ya know why?Because God's enemy has gotten wind that He is doing a mighty work in you.In the devils anger, he hires liars to create confusion, in hopes that you will become afraid and sin.Do not be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, great and awesome. Nehemiah 4:14

Jesus: The Way to Heaven

I have a friend. She is very kind and thoughtful. Gracious and generous. We laugh about silly things, and always look forward to seeing each other. I love her. She believes Jesus was a great prophet. A holy man. She believes that he was God's son. She says that she respects Jesus very much. She... Continue Reading →

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