Flowers In The Desert

My kid called from the Mohave Desert. (And I’m not speaking metaphorically.) Tent up, flapping in the desert breeze. Backpack and bottles strewn about like her bedroom used to be. Her skin freckled & parched from trekking 130 miles in the heat. It’s her third leg hiking the 2,650-mile PCT. A photo chirped my phone... Continue Reading →

How We Roll

We have 15 pine trees on our lot that are beginning to die. They are dying from the bottom up.       We decided to only trim away the dead branches and attempt to keep their beautiful tops. It worked. They look completely different. They look alive. Like a forest of trees you can now... Continue Reading →


We just went to see the movie, "Everest." It is Hollywood's adaptation of the 1996 Mount Everest disaster. On that day 12 individuals lost their lives during a blizzard in an attempt to either ascend or descend the highest mountain on earth. I have to admit, I've always admired mountain climbers. I just feel like... Continue Reading →

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