“My soul, wait thou only upon God.” Psalm 62:5

I've been a people pleaser. A smile permanently painted on my face in every public situation for the pleasure of others—even when offended or treated cruelly. People pleasing didn't make me kind or self-sacrificial—it left me bitter, angry, even thought myself better than others. It wasn't humility—it was hypocrisy. What a time we face today.... Continue Reading →

Flowers In The Desert

My kid called from the Mohave Desert. (And I’m not speaking metaphorically.) Tent up, flapping in the desert breeze. Backpack and bottles strewn about like her bedroom used to be. Her skin freckled & parched from trekking 130 miles in the heat. It’s her third leg hiking the 2,650-mile PCT. A photo chirped my phone... Continue Reading →

Love Includes You

I spent the day with my middle daughter. The one who’s been climbing her whole life to find her worth. At the tender age of 5 her arms wrapped around my middle sitting in the pew while the teacher up front taught us we were sinners. We learned that God was a mountain and we... Continue Reading →

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