“My soul, wait thou only upon God.” Psalm 62:5

I've been a people pleaser. A smile permanently painted on my face in every public situation for the pleasure of others—even when offended or treated cruelly. People pleasing didn't make me kind or self-sacrificial—it left me bitter, angry, even thought myself better than others. It wasn't humility—it was hypocrisy. What a time we face today.... Continue Reading →

Home Is Where the Heart Is (Or Is It?)

My parents bought a home in the country after marrying. Almost 60 years later you wouldn't recognize the place. The lengthy gravel driveway I ran barefoot is buried under burning asphalt. The mulberry tree, turning our fingers purple, was cut down decades ago. Corncrib tunnels I climbed, peeking through wooden slats, was taken by tornado.... Continue Reading →

A Right Christmas

Infant in a manger? More precisely...Savior from sin. Who wants to open a sack of sin at Christmas? Look, I like jingle belling as much as anybody, but Christmas is not all Nat King Cole and slippers under the tree. We pine for love, joy and peace, not to mention kindness and gentleness, but when... Continue Reading →

A Cruel Joke

I entered the Autumn of life. Well, that is if I live to 80. If I'm gone by 60...it's Winter. If I exit tomorrow this is the last you'll hear from me. Either way leaves are resting in vibrant colors and letting go. It's been a year of heartbreak and triumphant love. Uncovering grievous secrets... Continue Reading →

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